1. Venezuela’s needs ‘significant and growing’ UN humanitarian chief warns Security Council, as ‘unparalleled’ exodus continues

    Over a month after two competing resolutions on Venezuela failed to pass, the UN Security Council met on Wednesday to discuss the “very real humanitarian problem” facing the country, where close to seven million people are in dire need of aid, and some 5,000 people continue to flee across borders every day.
  2. Libya: UN evacuates refugees, postpones peace talks amid violence

    The United Nations has evacuated 150 refugees from a detention centre in Tripoli, as fierce clashes for control of the Libyan capital led to the postponement of a peace conference planned for next week. In recent days, forces loyal to renegade General Khalifa Haftar have advanced on the city, the base of the country's internationally-backed government. At least 47 people, including nine civilians, have been killed in the fighting since the launch of the offensive on Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday.
  3. Refugees on stranded NGO rescue ship in 'poor state'

    The Sea-Eye rescue ship Alan Kurdi is anchored off the coast of Malta with over 60 refugees on board. The vessel has been forbidden to dock. Sea-Eye spokesperson Carlotta Weibl spoke with DW about the situation: “We are in close contact with the German Foreign Ministry, with which we have developed a really good relationship. But the ministry is not agreeing to take in all of the refugees. They are currently in negotiations with the European Commission. We assume that this will end up boiling down to a European solution.”
  4. Lesbian asylum-seekers at the mercy of German bureaucracy

    Despite record numbers of people forcibly displaced across borders, with 1.2 million in need of a new permanent place to call home last year, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) released new data on Tuesday showing that only 55,700 of them – 4.7 per cent – were able to be resettled in 2018
  5. Afghanistan in Focus

    Today, the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) published a Country of Origin Information (COI) Report entitled 'Afghanistan Key socio-economic indicators. Focus on Kabul City, Mazar-e Sharif and Herat City'. In 2018, Afghanistan ranked second in the top countries of origin in EU+ countries, with 45 300 applicants. The report is an update of a similar EASO COI report published in 2017.
  6. Anglophone refugees in Nigeria dream of home, but settle in

    More people have been forced into refugee camps in Nigeria due to fighting between separatists and government troops in southern Cameroon. More than 30,000 have been officially registered but aid workers have said the actual number is much higher.
  7. Emigration more worrying than immigration for many Europeans, says ECFR study

    Survey respondents in Romania, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Italy and Spain said they were more worried about migration out of their respective countries than migration into them. All six countries have seen their population figures either flatten out or decrease sharply — Romania's population has decreased by 10 percent over the past decade. In three of those countries — Spain, Italy and Greece — a majority of respondents said that they would support emigration controls.
  8. Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Students Expelled

    The Bangladeshi government has expelled scores of Rohingya refugee children from schools in southeast Bangladesh since late January 2019, Human Rights Watch said today. Officials have ordered secondary schools near the refugee settlements in the Cox’s Bazar district to dismiss Rohingya students, who lack Bangladeshi citizenship.
  9. Briefing – Reform of the Dublin system

    The European Parliament has published a briefing on the reform of the Dublin system. The main elements of the proposal are: A new automated system to monitor the number of asylum applications received and the number of persons effectively resettled by each Member State; A reference key to determine when a Member State is under disproportionate asylum pressure; A fairness mechanism to address and alleviate that pressure.
  10. Children among 18 migrants found in boats off Folkestone

    Five men, who said they were from Iran, were found in one boat about four miles south of Folkestone at about 04:00 GMT. A second boat with 10 men, one woman and two children on board - who claimed to be from Iran and Iraq - was found two miles from Folkestone at 05:00. They were all brought to Dover and transferred to immigration officials.
  11. EU 'to drop navy' from Mediterranean anti migrant-smuggling mission Sophia

    The European Union's mission "Sophia" to curtail migrant smugglers in the Mediterranean will no longer deploy naval ships in a decision aimed at resolving a dispute with Italy over where rescued asylum seekers disembark. Negotiations in Brussels on Tuesday resulted in the operation being granted another six month mission without the two remaining navy ships in service but with strengthened air surveillance in return.
  12. Trump Administration Mulls Tougher Immigration Policies Amid DHS Shake-Up

    With a dramatic shake-up at the highest levels of the Department of Homeland Security, President Trump has signaled that he wants to get even tougher on immigration. A senior administration official said on Tuesday that the department wasn't doing enough about the border crisis or acting with enough urgency. Now the White House is discussing new steps that could be taken to slow the flow of migrants, including bringing back a version of separating migrant families at the border.

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