1. 58 Syrian refugees arrive in Rome via humanitarian corridor

    Among the refugees who arrived at Rome airport from Lebanon were several children. This latest flight brings the total number of refugees welcomed through humanitarian corridors to more than 2,500. The refugees landed at Rome's Fiumicino Airport on June 4. They were brought to Italy as part of the human corridors project.
  2. Ethiopian migrants rescued from Yemen

    Around 12,000 people take the dangerous sea journey from the Horn of Africa to Yemen every month despite its poverty. Hundreds of Ethiopian migrants have returned home from Yemen as part of a UN repatriation programme. The International Organization for Migration says thousands more are waiting to leave and are being held in a football stadium in the port city of Aden.
  3. Newly released data show refugee numbers at record levels

    The number of refugees globally rose to 25.9 million in 2018, up from 25.4 million in 2017, and setting a new record, according to newly released UNHCR report and World Bank estimates. The number of people seeking international protection outside of their country of origin has increased 70% since 2011. Countries producing the largest numbers of refugees include (in order) the Syrian Arab Republic, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar, Somalia, and Sudan.
  4. “Iraqi and Iranian migrants” found in English Channel

    Eleven migrants, including children, have been found in a small boat in the English Channel. The group of men and women identified themselves as Iraqi and Iranian when they were picked up by Border Force. They have been medically assessed and transferred to immigration officers for interview.
  5. USDOS publishes annual reports on religious freedom and on human trafficking for 2018

    The US Department of State released its annual report on international religious freedom covering 2018, as well as its annual report on human trafficking (covering April 2018 to March 2019).
  6. “Discredited” test used on two in five Syrian asylum seekers in UK

    Almost two in five Syrian asylum seekers were made to take a widely criticised language test to prove their nationality, the Guardian can reveal. Campaigners and experts have criticised the Home Office for the widespread use of language analysis on those claiming to have fled Syria, describing it as “pseudoscience” and a political tool to exclude migrants.
  7. Deportations after deal: The new reality for migrants in Mexico

    Mexico is sending thousands of troops to the border with Guatemala as part of a deal with the US to stem the flow of undocumented migrants, mostly from Central America.
  8. Afghan migrants climb border fence into Hungary

    A group of 40 migrants on Wednesday crossed into Hungary by climbing over a three-meter-high border fence. The men, who were from Afghanistan, were caught by Hungarian police and taken back to Serbia. Hungarian police discovered the group of 40 men on the outskirts of Asotthalom, a town about five kilometres from the border, near the city of Szeged.
  9. Family of girl and dad who drowned trying to reach U.S.: “He always protected her”

    The image of a migrant dad and his young daughter who drowned attempting to reach the United States has sparked outrage across the country. Those close to Oscar Alberto Martinez confirm his family was headed to Irving, Texas, CBS reports. Martinez wanted to go there to be with family and find work. “Seeing that image… he always protected her,” Rosa Ramirez, Martinez' mother, said.
  10. Italy allows 2 more migrants to leave German rescue ship

    Italian authorities have given permission for a sick man and his brother to disembark from Sea-Watch 3. The boat is still carrying some 40 migrants and has been sitting in international waters for more than two weeks. "We cannot wait for every single person to become a medical emergency until Europe recognizes they have basic rights," Sea-Watch quoted the ship's captain, Carola Rackete, as saying.

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